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What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting service enables web applications and websites to be accessed using cloud resources for your business. In cloud hosting, web applications and websites are not dependent on a single server for their deployment. Instead of a single server, applications or websites are hosted by a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers. This ensures greater flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of business.

Why use cloud hosting?

     Contrary to flat rates for using traditional hosting services, using cloud hosting services means users only pay for the resources they are actually using. The best features of cloud storing enables business to easily scale up or down server resources depending on web traffic demands. Switching to cloud hosting means lowering the overall business cost of website hosting is therefore financially advantageous to any business or company.

     In a cloud setting, multiple servers are used and each server is designated with various features to carry out a particular set of tasks. In case one server fails, other servers in the network will function as a back-up ensuring there is no downtime and availability of web hosting services is constant. Cloud hosting lets any business owner feel relaxed about hardware fails.

     Some of the major features of the best cloud based hosting services include:

  • Zero downtime of website
  • Easy website data backup
  • Web API

In addition, cloud hosting ensures better data security. Hardware failure or hacking of a physical server does not influence data hosted on the best cloud based servers. Even if some data is lost in case of malfunction, it is easily retrievable as data backup is automatic on multiple virtual cloud servers.

The following is the list of the best cloud hosting service providers:

Amazon AWS

     AWS provides businesses and organizations with a flexible, scalable, and affordable way to deploy websites and applications through its cloud web hosting service. Fully managed hosting with free c Panel, instant setup, and speeds up to 10 times faster.

Google Cloud

     Google Cloud web hosting services. With the help of Click to Deploy or specialized solutions, you may host anything in the cloud, from blogs to dynamic websites. In order to help your organization succeed, Google Cloud offers adaptable infrastructure, complete security, and clever insights.

Microsoft Azure

     Azure is a platform for cloud computing and an online portal that you may use to access and administer Microsoft's cloud resources and services. Depending on your needs, these services and resources may store and alter your data.


     It provides hosting services for small business websites. It is known for best customer support that is available 24/7 on email and chat. Its various plans include services starting from hosting to maintenance.


     Hosting is one of the largest website hosting service providers. Because hostinger is the largest service provider, it also offers cheapest rate for hosting websites. It also offers increadible support for hosting related issues faced on their platform. Their support modes include remote, chat and email support.


     It offers wide variety of plans and services for hosting websites bested on the best open source technologies. They provide features for chat and email based support. Hosting website and web application on this platform is easy with their support.


     The hostgator is the best platform to host your website instead of hosting data based web application. It has best features to provide accurate customer support for web applications and websites related service. Hostgator is well known for offering plans for providing anonymous hosting.


     It offers service with cheap hosting prices and decent features for your website. However, it lacks in server customization plans for website.

Why choose Arth Technology?

     We at Arth Technology offer multiple plans with complete package of the best cloud hosting services for your company. Our best cloud hosting plan include services such as registration of a new cloud server, maintenance of an existing cloud server, as well as the best cloud server data migration and upgrade services. We work with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud to meet all cloud hosting needs of your company.

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