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Google Doc‎s Online Training Course

Google Doc‎s Online Training Course is designed for students, Teacher, House Wife, Businessmen, Working professionals. Google Docs contains various tools like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slides, and Google Forms. Once you learn the content of this course you can easily create docs and share them with your friends or someone in your office.

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    If you are using a computer for a long then you might be aware of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, So This software was built by Microsoft for a long, Now Google has made similar functionality software with an online facility with easy to review and collaborate with others while working

    Every business person should know these essential business tools including Google Calendar and other related Google Products to save time and resources. This tool will increase your productivity at work or office environment. It can also help with basic spelling check and grammar check so save you lots of time. Are you ready to explore the course content and get ready to receive your Certification for the Google docs Training course.

Syllabus of Google Docs Online Training Course

  • Email Management

    Webmail Login

    Google Workspace Awareness

    Gmail - Compose with Smart Templates

    Gmail - Label Management

    Gmail SMTP and Other Settings Detail

    How to send big file using third party website

  • Google Drive

    - Google Driver Management

  • Google Docs Online Course Training Syllabus

    (Document Creation, Share [Viewer, Commenter, Editor], Download As [docx, odt, pdf], word processor create, Email, Make a Copy, Copy Past Functionality, Insert Image [from Computer,Search the Web], Table, Chart, Header Footer, Format Text, Paragraph Style, Align and Indentation, Line Spacing, Columns, Bullets and Numbering, Page Orientation, Voice Typing)

    Google Sheet Online Course Training Syllabus

    (Spreadsheet Creation, Share[Viewer, Commenter, Editor], Email, Make a Copy, Download As [xlsx, ods, csv], Version Management, Copy Past Functionality, Freeze Rows, Columns, Insert - Cell, Row, Columns, Sheet, Chart, Functions[Sum, Count, Countblank, Max, Min, Average, IF] , Cell Format Change, Conditional Formatting, Data Sort, Filter, Split Text to Columns )

    Google Slide Online Course Training Syllabus

    (Slide Creation, Share [Viewer, Commenter, Editor], Download As [PPTX, ODT, PDF, JPEG], Add new slide, Slide Layout Change, Theme Bulilder, Insert Slide, Insert Images, Slide Transition, Animation, Slide Slow)

    Google Forms Online Course Training Content

    (Google Form Create,Share, Create Short URL, Set Response Sheet, Set Notification on A User Submits a form by Email Daily Digest / Straight Away)

    Other Tools

    - Web WhatsApp

    - https://www.canva.com/

    - Google Chrome Browser Installation

    - Google Chrome Browser Plugins Overview

    - Firefox Browser Installation

You Can Download Full Google Doc Syllabus.

Google Doc Online Training Course Fees

The course fees are starting from 5,000 Rs/- and vary up to 20,000 Rs/- according to personal training, group training, online course, placement laid training, live project-based training, and many more.

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