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Now Order yor Milk & Groceries Through Linkarise Milk Delivery Mobile Application

     You no longer have to visit your neighbourhood Milk & Grocery Shop daily to purchase fresh milk and Grocery products. Now Customers can take milk subscription & order from Milk Distribution software can choose the amount of milk and Distribution times that work best for them. For those with busy schedules or those who don't require milk every day, it is a fantastic solution. Milk Distribution Application make it possible for all customers to make payments online. E-wallets and other payment options help to secure transactions. Online Milk Delivery Application help your small business become a well-known brand in your nearby area moreover online milk & Grocery products increases yours sales. You can able grow your business operations and supply milk and other dairy products to various groups using these milk Delivery application, including individual clients, hotels and restaurants, get milk retailers, schools and campuses, etc. Early in the morning is when you need milk and everything made with milk to get your day going. Our real-time Milk Distribution Smartphone Application meets demand, therefore as a result, we can expect a rise in customers.

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Dealing With The Regular Shopping Lists of Customers Manually at Milk & Groceries Store?

Tons of book management manually
Maintain Khatabook
Advance custom orders from customer not possible
Unable to track orders of client
Monthly payment calculation is difficult
Customer Phone call handling is difficult

Benefits of Milk Delivery Management Software

Features of Milk Delivery Software

  • Masters
  • Category Management
  • Item Management
  • Item SKU Rate Management
  • Discount Coupon Management
  • Send Notifications
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Add
  • Customer Edit or Inactivate
  • Customer Password Reset
  • Monthly Invoice Generation
  • Milk Subscription Management
  • Customer Subscription Management
  • Milk Subscription
  • Other item Subscription
  • Daily Order Management
  • Customer Order Management (Customer can order 1/more items as per their needs)
  • Customer Order Item Change
  • Customer Invoice Print
  • Route & Driver Management
  • Driver Management
  • Driver Allocation to Customer
  • Datewise Route Order Print
  • Wallet Management
  • Customer Pending Payment Entry
  • Customer Payment Received Entry
  • Customer wise Payment Trasaction History
  • Payment via Cash On Delivery / Online Payment / from Wallet
  • Real Time Reports
  • Customer Wise Order
  • Item wise Order
  • Top selling Item
  • Route Print (For Driver)(Customer wise List)
  • Route Print (For Order Update)

   Do you wish to manage your users quickly and easily through online milk distribution software mobile apps? If so, switch to our milk Distribution software mobile apps. We have skilled developers for creating mobile apps who have more than 7 years of expertise in the industry. Through a milk Distribution application, you may expand your business and manage consumers with ease. The necessary milk, vegetables, paneer, cheese, butter, bread, groceries, etc. can be delivered right to your users' doorsteps. We link apps with social media for branding, business growth, and increased revenue. Due to their hectic schedules, Indians are eager for home distribution services, thus our milk distribution application service makes the connection between users and you very simple.

Milk production and distribution are lengthy processes. We have made it simple for everyone. We looked at every step of the process, from production to distribution, and developed milk distribution software system with a special Android app. Using consumer Android applications, you can request goods from different suppliers, change the distribution timetable, and Purchase milk. You can easily manage your overall financial condition using the smartphone app. Choosing daily food products like bread, eggs, butter, and more and placing online purchases is straightforward with this milk Distribution application. If you already own a dairy firm, take a look at our milk distribution application choices, which will assist you in expanding your business and enhancing your brand awareness

The customer has access to applications and on-demand services based on their requirements.

The cost of milk Distribution apps development cost is one time with unlimited app users, unlimited location for distribution, distribution boy or executives application, advanced admin panel with an app, easy support for an app from our support team of developers, manage users wise deliveries easy, and many more. We provide end-to-end app development with unlimited users for your businesses and attractive designs for customer apps. Get the best customer milk Distribution app along with the distribution boy application in a cost-effective way. Contact us now for app development with features like unlimited users. We have an experienced app developers team who can develop your custom customer app and custom distribution boy apps as per your features requirements.

Process of Milk Distribution Management Software

Milk Distribution System
1. Item and Customer Management

Milk product, vegetable and other essentials with price.

Milk Distribution Mobile App
2. Customer Subscription Management

Milk schedule and wallet management with payment gateway.

Best Milk Software
3. Delivery Route Management

Order booking and Delivery boy Mobile Application integration.

Best Milk Distribution System App
4. Customer Payment & Wallet Management

Customer feedback monthly target and its achievement etc.

What You Will Get.

Milk Distributio Software
Admin Panel for Admin

Milk Software with Customer Android Application
Customer Android Application

Milk Software with Customer IOS Application
Customer iOS Application (upon request)
Milk Software with Driver Android Application
Driver Android Application

Milk Software with Driver IOS Application
Driver iOS Application (upon request)

Important Modules Of Milk Delivery Management Software

Best Milk Distribution Management Software
Customer Management

In the application you can manage the customers and their requirements online

Milk Delivery Software
Milk Subscription Management

Daily needed order subscription was possible by customers, along with custom requirements.

Order Management with Milk Distribution Software
Day Wise Order Management

Daily order management was easily done by the owner by keeping track of the customers and their needs.

Mobile App for Milk Delivery
Route Management

Route management was easier once you have a list of customers, their needs and Distribution boy details in your application.

Milk Distribution Application
Customer Payment - Wallet Management

Online payment integration makes it easy for customers as well as for owners to manage business stress free with an easy payment gateway.

Online Milk Delivery Software
Separate Application For Delivery Boys.

Delivery boys has a separate application where he gets updates of daily orders and addresses of customers where he needs to deliver the goods.

Milk Distribution Mobile Application
Real Time Reports

Real time reports on customers orders, their Distribution status, monthly sales, custom orders, etc was obtained from one application.

Best Milk Distribution Channel Management Software
Dairy Products Stock Management

Dairy products involve a wide range of activities, and this module handled them all with ease. It kept track of the daily necessities, storage items, order-giving, bill-maintenance, and other activities.

Best Milk Distribution Management Software
Customer Vacation Mode Management

The consumer can enter any dates they will be away and not need dairy goods here. Having a system that makes it simple to track this information helps speed up planning.

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Yes (using subscription feature)


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