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Sales Meeting Tracking Application

"Online DSR, Sales Hierarchy Management with Visit Diary"

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Sales Meet Tracking Application To Manage Every Sales.

    Our company has the best expert team to develop mobile apps and help to give free delivery during deployment; also, provide right and real time solutions which are close to client's business. sales meeting tracking application is useful when business men conducts outdoor meeting. our companies marketing team also helps you to general leads for your business and give some demonstration to customers, so they can learn how to operate each and every functionality with ease from sign in to logout.You can use this free sales meeting spreadsheet to observe essential metrics for your team. this is one of the best apps to make effective leads and help to arrange a schedule for meetings in the calendar. this application allows you and your reps to track each lead based on the prospecting blog.

     The field sales force is the need for every growing business to attain sales targets. Every salesperson has a responsibility to understand customer needs and sell his product/services to him with a consultant approach. Thus need of sales employees tracking mobile android app with GPS location tracking is the need of every business organization. Monitoring employees or employees activity during worked from home mode. Many businesses follow working remotely pattern for employee work so employee monitoring tool is must for activity tracking and Behaviour analytic. Employees productivity needs to track like computer activities, work hours, communication with team members using mobile app. Remote employees work time calculations is bit difficult. Many times it happens employee starts social media on their employee computer so we need to use keystroke logging during working employee time.

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     Hierarchy wise reporting status is a built-in feature in this mobile android Apps. Sales field executive reporting to territory manager and this manager reporting to area head who reports to branch head and then regional head to national head . multiple hierarchy reporting structure can be developed .here all managers can have sales employee tracking of his daily activity. Team leaders can monitor all time and work culture of each employee with all the above features of our app.From Admin panel Backend software, we will add all employees with their details and give a unique user name and password for the app. Customer registration with his address and contact detail will be added from the back end. A new customer can also be added by sales employees form his login details. Sales employees performance tracking with customized reports is an inbuilt feature In this app.This kind of software is used in industries where huge sales force works for the company, and its tracking becomes very crucial for management. credit card sales company, advertisement industries, CNC machinery selling company, etc

    We have developed sales field employees mobile android app with GPS location tracking and Backend Admin panel software. Every company needs its salesperson to visit a business organization for sales activity. Daily sales report has to be recorded .customer follow up with history is very important in the current competitive culture. Here sales employee logs in to the mobile android app at the start of the day with GPS and logs out at when he is ending his workday. Thus daily attendance gets calculated. When sales field employees reach the customer's place of a sales meeting, he will input this in and out time. Thus time in each meeting gets calculated. Minute of meeting that means all the detail discussion with a customer has to be mentioned in the sales employee mobile android app . as GPS is working all the time of the job, total distance traveled by our marketing field employees gets calculated with location tracking . marketing field executive can upload needs of the business owner after meeting and his follow-up schedule. Thus he gets all track records of a conversation with each customer, which will help for the sales closing process. our field staff current location can be recorded .best in market features with this software is team manager can have daily work report, daily time spent on each call, daily job work completion report, daily job work allocation ( inquiry allocation ) report, etc . time to time training of each team employees can be planned with our app

Features of Sales Meeting Tracking Application

  • Inquiry From Different Source
  • Customer Visit With Live Location
  • Tons Of Reports
  • inquiry Listing With All Detail
  • Task Allocation System With Tracking
  • Location Tracking With Route Map
  • DCR Generation With Quotation Software
  • Tons Of Detailed Reports

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Application for Tracking Sales Meet
Admin Panel for Admin

Sales Meeting Tracking Application With Software
Android App

Sales Meeting Tracking Software in Vadodara
iOS Application (upon request)

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